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Truths and Myths of Event Photography and how to hire the right vendor

Jacqui and Wes' 5 year Anniversary, Alki Beach, WA

When it comes to shopping for the right service, many of us say, "You get what you pay for," right? Yes, that's true, sometimes. In reality, we know that quality is not solely indicated by the price tag and that's why we love to search for the best deal we choose to afford. Now, the biggest pitfall of the searching process can be the never ending-ness of it. How do we know we can end our search and make the decision on the right service? So here, we want to shed light on how to decide when you have found the right fit by specifically looking at your event photography needs as an example. But first, the following are some industry known Truths and Myths.

No matter where your budget lies, there are ways to find the right artist to meet style and budget. We strongly recommend including a professional photographer for your event for the following reasons:

1. You are aiming to remember and cherish special moments for years to come.

2. You want a formal album or to frame a piece as a keepsake. AND/OR

3. You can use photos to later promote an upcoming or repeating event.

Any image can be Photoshopped. MYTH

Live event photographers want to capture the natural moments as they happen. They are not in the business to shed all "flaws" in every photo. Nor are they Photoshopping every photo just because they can. A good photographer makes wise choices when snapping a frame. A great photographer shoots enough shots so they can select from a healthy representation of the event and NOT rely on Photoshop.

Every shot should be posed. MYTH

The best event photos capture a completely candid moment in a professional quality image, which is no easy task. It requires a skilled photographer, and usually an assistant or two. Yes, you want someone who can elicit a natural response during formal poses but you also want someone who can capture a moving target in less than ideal party lighting. If every picture is worth a thousand words, what story will your photo album tell? Was it a fun event? Did the event succeed in showing your guests a great time? Did they capture moments that will make you laugh and swoon all over again?

There is more to the picture than meets the eye. TRUTH

Pre- event preparation and post event editing/selecting can span weeks. The more demanding your location and needs are will bear weight on your total investment in their service. The better your photographer is, the more time they spend communicating honestly with you to complete your vision. Are you being mindful of their time to prepare, shoot and edit?

The person holding the camera will make all the magic happen. MYTH

Artists use the true magic of their subjects to succeed. Your photographer will not have any success shooting guests and honored guests who are disengaged. Be mindful in the planning process and hire a confident team to bring the entire production together. All moving parts play their role in a running a smooth event where honored guests and company can revel in the fun atmosphere. And as they revel, during the key moments that you have prepared, your photographer is there snapping exactly what you want.

Now, let's address how to choose the best fit for your needs. Begin by noting the style of photography that you want and is appropriate for your event.


Artistic, Dramatic


Club style/Action

Then you will meet with only the photographers that are in the style(s) that you like. And when you meet prospective photographers, let them tell you how they work. They should be asking you questions about your event timing details and giving relevant recommendations about locations, poses and timing around what you have planned. Notice how easy the right creative will speak about things to consider when pricing the exact service you need. The photographer you work with should also be available for your questions and notes throughout the planning process, for as much as is necessary, to make both you and them feel confident and ready for the big day. You can tell when you have found the right match when you feel their confidence and their genuine eagerness to serve you best.

Are there other myths or truths you want to share with us? Do comment about it below.

Enjoy some of our photo highlights from previous events as you scroll down!

Guests show Jacqui V how to hit the high note

Tru St. James is a sassy Ringleader

MC'ing down the  Seattle Pride Parade route

This groom is so happy he's literally flying!

GALLERY including Title Photo by Daniela CIuffa Photgraphy

Jacqui and Wes' 5 Year Wedding Vow Renewal, Seattle, WA

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