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Hips Don't Lie (now proven by SCIENCE!)

A little while back, W.E. provided our interactive brand of DJ/MC entertainment for a wedding in Vancouver, BC. Everything was on point; the bride looked stunning, the groom remembered most of his vows, the food was out-of-this-world, and the sun shone down on a beautiful setting filled with loved ones. To this day, we still hear guest raving about how much they danced. They had worked up a sweat before appetizers were even served, and were all the happier for it.

It seems pretty straightforward, Dancing = Happiness. That's the base equation for the Wunderland algorythym (#newwords). But for those in doubt, I offer up this recently published study which followed up on a 2011 paper by psychologist Nick Neave, who breaks down how your dance movements can show that you're kind of a big deal. Even if you're this guy:

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