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How W.E. Set Up For Success

W.E. live with an incurable addiction to music, dance, and Fun! Nurturing our passions led us to hundreds of events, jam sessions and rehearsals with dozens upon dozens of artists over the last 15 years. Many of those collaborations have sprouted friendships with incredibly talented individuals. Together and individually, we pour our souls into our obsessions around the clock, and wake up to thoughts on how to gain a little more artistic breadth so we can bear to sleep later that night.

Each entertainer at Wunderland Events has a story very much like this. Who we are as entertainers is guided by our pursuit of the one true goal we all share... Happiness! We are a tribe who first support each other, and then put in work on convincing others to put their faith into our talent. The quality of support is how W.E. set up for success and reproduce happiness in our events.

We’ve entertained children of all ages, from ages 3 to 93, hailing from all corners of the globe. Entertaining such a wide demographic can bring some pretty wild music requests, but working those requests in at the perfect time is what makes a DJ, a DJ. Likewise, being able to inspire a crowd to engage in the moments created by that music is what makes an entertainer, an entertainer. Whatever mood, genre or generation, we are students of music, and curate soundtracks for:

  • Birthdays

  • Corporate Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Holidays

  • Networking

  • Milestones

  • Mitzvahs

  • Local and Destination Weddings

  • ...and beyond

With all that we have learned so far about what it takes to create a happy experience, we can share with all of our future clients and planners this simple advice on how to set up for a successful celebration.

Decide what your top two goals are for the event, and let those two goals guide your entire planning. From the space you pick, the vendors you hire, the food and style of serving, to the layout and flow of the event they will fall under 2 major umbrellas. If it’s a celebration, how will you encourage guests to stay in a celebratory mood and to stick around for the highlights planned for the evening? If it’s a fundraiser, how can you enhance the sentiment of giving and encourage donations to be generous. Corporate events can sometimes be a little stuffy, what will please your staff and how do you get people loosen up, relax and enjoy the party? After all, it should be a reward for all their hard work, not another job requirement!

By understanding the point of your event in very simple terms, you are empowered to choose the right ambiance, music and activities. Weigh each choice simply: Does this choice knock it out of the park? Or does it fall short of the goal?

*Pro-Tip: Working with professionals that have a depth of experience and care for quality should make the whole process, from planning to execution, more joyful. That kind of quality will usually come with a matching price tag, but rarely the highest, and never the lowest.

Mr. Buffet's quote pertains to those with the DIY spirit as well. You may not be paying with money for some services because you are taking care of it yourself or you have a network of talented friends to help you out, but of course, the value of what you are getting isn't diminished. The currency you're paying is your time and labor. Projects accomplished with labor of love can be the most rewarding events to experience. Value your time well and take in these words from Steve Jobs before you overwhelm yourself with all those Pinterest boards:

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