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Wearable technology rentals designed to support the Film & Event Industries. Reinforce distancing and maintain a complete contact history with a low-impact deployment and zero location tracking.


"The Show Must Go On"

  • Productions must follow safety guidelines without negatively impacting efficiency

  • A foggy human memory is NOT an efficient form of Contact Tracing

  • Your crew wants 100% privacy

  • You need reduced liability

  • You need to monitor and track ALL interactions, to avoid a production-wide shutdown

Physical distancing and contact tracing have proven to be the most important measures for containing the outbreak of COVID-19. Our CTD was developed and built in the U.S.A. so productions can ensure CDC recommended guidelines are being followed. Capturing accurate contact tracing data enables you to remove only exposed personnel vs. entire departments

A Contact Tracing Solution for Productions

The CTD is a Plug & Play solution that is deployed quickly at a scale of thousands with safe hand delivery + setup. Minimal disruption to production staff with zero cost-of-ownership or maintenance.

Know the contact time and duration between staff. Receive a comprehensive breakdown of who an infected person has been in contact with, tracing up to 4 degrees of contacts, filtered by your own set of protocols.

Data is encrypted end-to-end and captured anonymously to ensure information is safe, secure, and private.
No GPS tracking involved.

Slightly larger than a quarter, the CTD is easily hidden or worn a variety of ways.


 Contact tracing and real-time distance warnings using wearables, paired with advanced analytics

CTD wearables equip productions to mitigate COVID-19 risk and liability with the highest precision on the market for measured distance.

There is no GPS radio on board that could reveal a user's location. The devices recognize each other but are oblivious to their whereabouts

Image by Markus Spiske

Keep A Safe Distance Through Precise, Real-Time Measurement & Notification

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Designed, engineered, and built in the USA 

Our CTD offers a unique and proven solution available for immediate use. No infrastructure is required. A true plug & play solution for easy adoption.


  • Proximity warnings using real-time audible alerts

  • Alerts can be toggled on/off by zone

  • Small, lightweight, and accurate

  • Months-long battery life

  • Avoid forcing employees to download apps to their personal devices

  • No GPS or location tracking

  • Secure end-to-end encryption

  • On-board memory

  • Private info stays with production, while liability stays with us


How It Works


<6 feet




Risk Report


Image by Jon Moore


When employees are within 6 feet of each other, they immediately receive a gentle notification to remind them of their proximity to one another



End-to-end encrypted data of these occurrences is transmitted to the cloud via two options:
A) Plug & play BLE Hub
B) Admin phone app

Image by Chris Liverani


On-demand reports show historical contact, duration, and multiple degrees of connection so you can identify those with highest risk



Order CTD Wearables

Set your rental duration to find your price point. We work with your team to set protocols and expectations. Sanitized devices and hubs are hand delivered and set up, we orient your Covid Compliance Official, then quality check your deployment. All CTDs and hubs are sterilized before drop-off and at the end of engagement. Battery swaps can be made if necessary.


Distancing guidelines are monitored and close contact is recorded, location free

Several times per second, each CTD wearable takes a highly accurate measurement of nearby devices worn by other team members. When they are within a pre-set distance, the device records the wearer’s Unique ID, duration of interaction, time & date, all with military-grade data security. Daily reports of High-Risk interactions can be provided, and there is no record of the wearer’s location at any point.


See the chain of contacts according to company protocols while protecting confidentiality

Should a team member test positive for infection, we use your protocols to efficiently trace which CTDs  made contact with the infected user’s CTD. Using the recommended lookback period and contact duration, Your company and Compliance Officer can quickly and accurately identify at-risk users who may need testing and/or isolation. Exponentially more accurate than human recollection, we know that the danger is removed, while avoiding any unnecessary and expensive department disruptions or project shutdowns. 


Tracing Done Right

Image by Forest Simon

Remove the ‘human factor’ and utilize actual data to ensure that personnel are remaining in compliance with distancing guidelines

Gain insights and identify high-risk behavior on both a group and individual level to proactively safeguard overall organizational safety

See multiple layers of contact tracing data to prevent a complete production shutdown when someone falls ill

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